Windcat Workboats Specialist Transfer Vessels for Wind Farms

Windcat Workboats is Europe’s leading provider of specialist crew transfer vessels to the wind power industry. With a track record of over 950,000 transfers, the unique design of our vessels results in the fast, safe and comfortable transfer of offshore personnel.

Last year, Windcat Workboats had 31 operational vehicles and around 150 staff both offshore and onshore. Our in-house training by highly experienced captains results in highly skilled crew on board the vessels.

Windcat Workboats continues to develop, build and operate crew transfer vessels to fit the requirements of the industry.

Shore to offshore crew transfer

Our purpose-built vessels transfer crew between the shore and offshore wind turbines.

The vessels offer passengers space and comfort during transit and a safe and stable platform for safe transfers giving high accessibility to offshore assets.

Our vessels can also be used for a range of other activities, supporting both construction and the operation and management of an offshore wind farm, such as emergency response, standby, survey and dive support vessels.

According to your specific requirements, we can adapt the vessel to different projects. In the next few months, several new designs will be finalised for future vessels.

Our site managers and engineers are able to provide an unrivalled service that deals with all vessel issues in a timely manner, ultimately maximising vessel productivity.

Wind farm transfer services

We have worked on:

  • Burbo Bank
  • Greater Gabbard
  • Gunfleet Sands
  • Lincs Wind Farm
  • Lynn & Inner Dowsing
  • London Array
  • Robin Rigg
  • Rhyl Flats
  • Thanet
  • Ormonde
  • West of Duddon Sands

An executive from Fluor, the company that constructed Greater Gabbard wind farm said: "There are many emerging companies offering wind farm transfer vessel services, but I have found that what sets Windcat Workboats above other companies on the project has been the 24/7 base management."

Safe and reliable personnel transportation

Safety is the highest priority within Windcat Workboats.

Windcat Workboats has extensive experience in the wind farm industry across Europe, and with our highly experienced crew and specially developed vessels you can rely on us for a highly professional and safe service.

Our safety management system is at ISM standard and it is executed throughout our entire operation.

Our compliance to HSE requirements is regularly checked not only by our own internal audit system, but also customer audits and independent companies.

The system is under continuous review of our QHSE department, to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations and developments in the industry.

The Windcat Workboats fleet

Our fleet consists of 30 different types of vessels.

MK1 – our first vessels, built in 2006 and 2007, with a length of 15m. These vessels are equipped with Volvo D12 engines driving water jets or fixed pitch propellers.

MK2 – built in 2007 and 2008, 16m in length and equipped with Volvo D16 engines driving fixed pitch propellers.

MK3 – 18m in length and built from 2008 onwards. These vessels feature an enlarged wheelhouse giving a larger lounge area for passengers. The vessels are equipped with Volvo D16 engines or MTU2000 V8 engines and different propulsion systems; either fixed or variable pitch propellers or water jets.

MK3 Raised Wheelhouse series – this is a new development continuing on the MK3 platform creating large forward deck space to carry more goods.

MK4 – the new series carrying 45 passengers and the 12-passenger-version MK4.2 series are designed for operation further offshore and in harsher conditions.

Each system has its own advantage which enables us to offer you the most suitable vessel for your project.

Among other safety equipment, all the vessels carry life rafts, rescue nets and slings. Able to take on any situation, we are equipped with high-spec navigation and radio equipment.

We not only provide vessels, we provide a service. The comfortable lounge area has reclining seats to enjoy the view. For the passengers’ amusement, there are computer points and a full entertainment set available on board, as well as sanitary facilities and a galley for refeshments.

There is also plenty of space for larger parts and equipment to be carried besides the technicians’ tool bags.

Quality and performance

Windcat Workboats sets itself apart by delivering a high-quality service aimed at maximising vessel availability and accessibility for the client to achieve their goals in their operation.

We have built up experience on multi-vessel sites where we put sufficient management, HSE and engineering knowledge in place to achieve maximum productivity.

Our vessels are maintained to the highest standard as per engine and equipment manufacturers’ specifications by the vessels’ crews and our team of six onshore engineers. Our engineers are either based in ports where multiple vessels operate from or are mobile to ports where less than three vessels are operational.

We hold a stock of over €500,000 of major components such as spare engines and gearboxes in strategic locations. This allows for immediate installation if necessary, and therefore reducing the chance of downtime and proving our commitment to a quality service. As proven over the years of operation, major repairs and engine exchanges can be done overnight to have the vessel available next morning, so as not to disturb operations.

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