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Maritime Support develops project specific procedures, dynamic positioning (DP) operation manuals and operational activity planning to increase the efficiency, accuracy and safety of marine operations.

DP operation manuals for the renewable sector

Ship-specific DP procedures are developed with a description of the DP system, relevant sensors and the propulsion installations that will form its operation manual.

DP instructions are also included in the manual for the safe execution of DP operations.

A ship specific DP operation manual should be prepared for each DP vessel; it is the most important operational document in the list of required documents. The requirement for a manual has its origins in International Maritime Organisation (IMO) MSC / Circ 645. Maritime Support will develop the manual according to IMO guidelines, classification requirements and International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and Marine Transportation System (MTS) recommendations.

Checklists are also provided with the manual to verify the correct setup of the DP system and allow the operator to monitor changes and performance. An operational analysis will be prepared, summarising responses in case abnormalities are experienced. The checklist and operational analysis will stimulate the safety of operations and the efficiency of (emergency) responses.

The DP operation manual contains:

  • DP philosophy for the vessel
  • Responsibilities of key personnel
  • Training, watch keeping and manning requirements
  • Vessel technical data and layout
  • Vessel DP capabilities
  • Operating limits
  • Operating modes
  • Guidance in the planning and preparation of DP operations
  • DP operating procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • DP incident handling
  • Trails, checks and tests information

For complicated power generating or distribution systems or thruster configurations, Maritime Support will provide the operator with a thruster and generator operating strategy (TAGOS) to assist with decision making for different circumstances and different equipment availabilities.

Operational activity planning

A task appropriate mode (TAM) is a tabulated operational activity planning in which a single failure may result in a worst case failure (WCF), in vessels engaged in DP-0/1 operations.

Although a single failure may result in a WCF and is acceptable for certain activities, this planning will add value to identify risks and define an appropriate response in case failure occurs. A proper response will allow the safe occurrence of the worst case failure and could reduce loss of time and stimulate efficiency.

For DP-2/3 vessels, a critical activity mode (CAMO), will define possible failures and risks. As well as a proper response to the occurred activity. It is developed for critical activities undertaken by the vessel to ensure the most robust configuration is created to execute these activities. The CAMO also defines the safest mode of operations (SMO).

An activity specific operating guideline (ASOG) is an activity or location-specific operational planning in a tabulated format. The ASOG defines the operational, environmental and equipment capabilities and performance limitations for the specific operations.

Project engineering for marine operations

Maritime Support designs detailed procedures for marine operations. With the combination of experience, knowledge, and a solution drive approach, the company provides clients with a plan, even for the most challenging project.

Besides the design of procedures for new projects, Maritime Support review existing procedures for on-going projects. Another vision on existing procedures or ongoing projects could offer more efficient or safer methods for activities.

Such procedures can be supplied with additional risk assessments and specific instructions; collectively forming a safe work method statement. All work will be supported with a handout of the procedure, checklists and drawings ensure that procedures are easy to use on-site, accessible and easily understandable for all involved parties.

The checklist gives a clear indication to whether the project is being executed according to the planned method.

About Maritime Support

The Maritime Support team consists of practical and theoretical experts in marine operations. Together they provide clients with the best advice to successfully execute their project.

Maritime Support headquarters is based in the Netherlands.

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A vessel specific DP Operations Manual should be prepared for each DP vessel.

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Press Release

25th January 2017

A vessel specific DP Operations Manual should be prepared for each DP vessel.

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23rd January 2017

Over the past years more heavy lifting operations are executed on DP, the installation of modules off shore using a dynamically positioned vessel has various advantages but also several disadvantages.

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