IQA Pty Ltd Corporate Advice and Financial Services to the Renewable Energy Sector

IQA Pty Ltd provides a broad spectrum of financial and consultancy services to renewable energy projects and companies.

Corporate and financial services in the renewable energy sector

Consulting services include:

  • Corporate advisory, including governance and shareholder communications
  • Reviews of company operations and structure
  • Financial modeling of renewable energy projects and companies
  • Debt advisory services and equity structuring advice
  • Preparation of investment solicitation documentation
  • Review of bankable feasibility studies
  • Market economics and competitor analysis
  • Economic and financial risk analysis, particularly in developing countries and post-conflict environments
  • Identifying opportunities for inclusion in, or supply to, international development projects in developing nations
  • Assistance with permitting and government liaison
  • Assistance in dealing with stakeholders, cultural heritage and indigenous peoples/native title issues

IQA’s associates offer:

  • Site selection and land-holder negotiations
  • Government liaison on permitting, regulatory matters, concessions and incentives
  • Project management
  • Technology choice reviews
  • Engineering process reviews

While many companies provide similar services through brokers and financiers, we offer clients independent advice that is not motivated by the financial targets of funders and brokers. Through an extensive range of contacts, IQA ensures that customers get the best value from their projects. In addition, our services assist customers in identifying the optimum funding proposal to realise their goals.

IQA is not a venture capital or private equity firm, but a professional services company putting clients ahead of our own shareholders and partners. Our success comes from the success of our customers.

Sector research and investment monitoring

Through our subsidiary, IQA provides the market with an independent measurement of investment strength in the alternative energy sector. The ALTEXAustralia Index shows the market performance of stocks in the following sub-sectors: low-emission utilities, renewable, natural gas, energy minerals and enabling technologies.

Companies included in the indices have a significant majority of their business in the alternative energy sector. The methodology is robust and has been adapted to suit other markets and is available to clients wanting to benchmark their investment performance against their peers.

Corporate advisory services for renewable energy firms

We provide customers with corporate advisory services devised for them to manage and develop their business.

IQA can assist companies in developing and applying a strategic plan for meeting and surpassing the expectations of investors, partners and key shareholders.

We provide services for:

  • Formulating and assessing risk management procedures
  • Structuring and engagement with capital markets, financial institutions, investors, and regulators (in Australia this includes ASIC, ASX, and FIRB)
  • Assistance in implementing corporate communications systems
  • Liaising with all levels of government, particularly for large and strategic projects, as well as with mining and energy regulators, both in Australia and other countries around the world
  • Assessment of environmental impact, including meeting all the appropriate national and international guidelines and regulations
  • Assistance with permitting
  • Engaging with communities, particularly indigenous communities and those in regional areas
  • Native title, indigenous land rights, community development and cultural heritage negotiations

Financial modelling and research for renewable energy projects

IQA offers clients a comprehensive range of financial modeling services for both renewable energy projects and companies as a whole. We can provide analyses for financial feasibility studies, valuations and market economics, as well as reviews of rival businesses.

IQA’s services in research can be used for review and assessment internally, and also for external market engagement. Research is a valuable means of assisting business growth, which is implemented through drawing up an independent analysis of the company for either identifying potential investments or areas that can be strengthened.

We have identified small and medium-sized firms as being those generally lacking in research, so we have developed specialist services to meet this demand.

Our practice in this area over a number of years has given us a unique insight into the financial and operational issues these companies face, which allows us to give a more accurate valuation and analysis. Our independent subsidiary carries out these researching services.

Partner identification and engagement

IQA can help companies indentify and engage with partners for developing specific business projects, including strategic investors and operational, joint venture, or international partners. We can assist with:

  • Identifying potential equity partners
  • Gaining access to Australian resources and energy markets
  • Identifying operational project partners and acquisition prospects

Capital raising for renewable energy ventures

IQA can provide assistance to companies to identify sources of debt and equity. We can assist companies to source equity through a number of capital raising methods, such as shares, strategic investments and private placements. In addition, we can provide assistance in accessing debt facilities, with the best deal for the client always in mind.

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