F.E.EM. Transformers, Flat Winding Plates and Inductors for the Renewables Sector

F.E.EM. creates inductors and transformers for low, medium and high frequency power applications in the renewable industry.

Inductive power components

F.E.EM. focuses on incorporating new materials that will increase the performance of its products, and its experts select the best solution for each client request.

The company assembles inductive components for AC-AC / DC-DC / AC-DC converters, dry-type inductors transformers and cast resin inductive components.

Materials for power conversion and supply

F.E.EM. offers a wide range of power materials, including:

  • Conductors
  • Cores
  • Round / square flat winding plate coils

Low and medium-frequency transformers

F.E.EM. offers single and three-phase insulated, low and medium-frequency transformers for ranges from 50Hz to 5,000Hz, and provides up to 1,000kW in power supply. Frequency transformers are EN61558-2-4, CEI 14.4, EN60076-1, CEI 11-20V1 compliant.

The company’s highly efficient high-frequency transformers are suitable for all industrial applications. They are capable of operating at frequencies up to 200kHz and generating power of up to 1,000kW.

All windings provided by F.E.EM. can be treated to resist air salt mist, moisture, oil vapour and special oil, including poliyalphaolephine (PAO).

Single-phase AC and DC inductors

F.E.EM’s single-phase AC inductors are ideal for renewable energy conversion. They produce up to 500kW in power and are suitable for frequencies up to 100kHz.

The company’s inductors can be used in DC-DC converters and are capable of generating high levels of energy (up to 1,000W*s).

In addition, F.E.EM. supplies ripple-superimposed DC inductors that are suitable for medium-frequency and high-frequency applications.

Toroidal inductors for UPS systems

F.E.EM.’s toroidal inductors for buck-boost inverters can be used in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and energy recovery systems.

The core diameters measure between 4in and 6in, up to six parallel cores, in addition to aluminium conductors for sections up to 200mm².

Three-phase AC reactors

F.E.EM. supplies EN-61558 compliant filter reactors for power factor correction (PFC) and active front-end (AFE) operations, and are capable of supplying up to 1,000kW in power.

Square and round flat plate coils for electric motors

F.E.EM.’s flat plate coils enable energy recovery systems in electric vehicles.

The round coils have inner diameters ranging between 10mm and 200mm, and copper and aluminium cross-sections of up to 75mm² and 100mm² respectively.

In addition, F.E.EM produces special square flat plate coils for large electric motors for lifting technology. These substitute the usual windings inside electric elevator motors.

Special inductive components for energy recovery systems

F.E.EM. develops special inductive components for every type of energy recovering system.

These items are used to increase the efficiency, to filter the harmonics and to aid the whole range of the energy recovering systems.

F.E.EM. has also worked alongside ST microelectronics in the development of inductive components kit fittings of the new SiC Mosfet technology. This technology operates at very high-frequency (up to 125kHz) to minimise losses.

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F.E.EM. have announced a series of new products, now availabile.

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F.E.EM. have announced a series of new products, now availabile.

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