3sun Group to pre-assemble 56 turbines towers for £1.5bn Galloper Offshore Wind Farm

UK-based wind turbine developer 3sun Group has won a contract with Siemens to pre-assemble 56 wind turbine towers for the £1.5bn Galloper Offshore Wind Farm in the country.

Located in Great Yarmouth, in England, UK, the turbine towers will be constructed engineers and technicians from forty companies in the town.

Siemens Strategic Procurement global commodity manager Hervé Bouraima said: “When awarding our contracts, local content is a priority as well as UK content.

“3sun Group is a highly regarded experienced local company with the skills and personnel for this work.”

The major wind turbine components will arrive at the newly-built quayside, where they will be pre-assembled before being loaded on to vessels by the 120m crane and then transported offshore to be installed nearly 20 miles off the Suffolk coast.

3sun Group chief executive Graham Hacon said: “We are delighted and proud to be providing local content for Galloper Offshore Wind Farm – not only does it recognise our experience, expertise and reputation in a competitive international market, it brings real investment, jobs creation and local content from offshore wind to the Great Yarmouth community.

“We work on offshore wind farms all over the world but it is especially important to win contracts on wind farms off our coast to provide employment for our local community in this new growing industry.

“This was a vision when offshore wind began off the East of England, bringing hope for skills and employment as more traditional industries waned.”

Galloper wind power facility is an extension of the existing and fully operational Greater Gabbard Wind Farm and will have the capacity to produce enough power to supply electricity for up to 336,000 households every year.

Image: Galloper Offshore Wind Farm in Great Yarmouth, England, UK. Photo: courtesy of 3sun Group.