Alphatec Engineering Epoxy Grout and Concrete Repair Services

Alphatec Engineering specialises in rotating machinery solutions.

The company’s projects include all types of rotating machinery such as large turbo-generators, diesel engines, compressors, pumps, all types of metal-working and other machinery, which has been placed on a concrete foundation or plinth.

Concrete foundation repairs

Concrete foundations can be the main reason for elevated vibration levels or misalignment. Concrete can also be restored to the design condition as a very effective vibration damper.

Alphatec offers foundation fixing products and services, with very few other companies providing the same high standard.

Machine grouting

Once the foundation is repaired, the machine can be reconnected to the concrete base. It is done by removing the original grout material and replacing it with ALPHATEC 800 epoxy grout, which ensures good adhesion between grout and machine, and between foundation and grout.

ALPHATEC epoxy grouts provide optimal flow, which enables the product to be placed easily in challenging situations, and the balance of physical properties, which protect both the machine and the foundation.

Rotating machinery support and alignment

When grouting the machine in place, it is very important for the machine to be in correct alignment so that the epoxy grout can prevent unwanted movement once the grout is cured and the anchor bolts are tightened down. The alignment should be as accurate as possible when it is operating, not when cold.

We also use a system of hydraulic jacks, which enables easy and rapid adjustments of even the largest items of machinery with optimal accuracy. Machines weighing up to 2,000t have been aligned using this method. We use optical alignment tools, laser equipment and standard dial gauges to achieve the agreed alignment, and then the machine is grouted.

Anchor bolts for machine grouting

Anchor bolts or hold-down bolts complement the work of the grout. The grout holds the machine up, while the bolts hold it down.

Anchor bolts need to be inspected during the job evaluation and execution. If the bolts are loose in the foundation, they can be reconnected by pressure injection of purpose-designed resins. If the bolts are damaged, they can be repaired or replaced, often with more effective materials, embedment depths and stretch lengths than the originals.

About Alphatec

Alphatec Engineering has been solving problems with rotating machinery since 1977 across the world, including Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Hungary, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Nigeria and Senegal.

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Restoring Grout on Footings of HTF Tank

This whitepaper presents our repair procedure to restore the grout on footings of a 400 m3 HTF tank who was with a significant failure in the anchoring+insulation system in the sliding saddle.

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