EGYPTROL Engineering, Testing and Staffing for the Renewable Industry

EGYPTROL specialises in commissioning, engineering, power transformers testing, temperature and pressures filed instrument calibration services, and personnel services.

Power station pre-commissioning and commissioning solutions

EGYPTROL offers thermal, simple-cycle and combined-cycle power plant commissioning, from the preparation of testing and commissioning procedures up to performance test and reliability running test programmes.

The scope covers power plant equipment, including gas turbine combustion turbine-generators (CTG), steam turbines (STG), boilerS, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), balance of plant, and electromechanical water treatment systems.

The company carries out a scope of the system before going on to create commissioning programmes for each part of the system which includes safety procedures, and permit-to-work (PTW) procedures.

The company then carries out walk-downs on the systems with the erection team to sign the Erection Clearance Certificates (ECC) with the respective List of Open Points (LOP).

Pre-commissioning procedures include loop checks, verifying the communications between distributed control system (DCS) field instrument / equipment and -cold functional tests. Commissioning activities comprises of scheduling, filling the system with operating fluid, then flushing and chemical cleaning.

After putting the system in operation and reaching stable operating conditions, the system is handed over operation staff. When all the plant systems are commissioned, it would be ready for performance testing, reliability run, and hand-over.

Design review services

EGYPTROL’s civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control (I&C) and plant design discipline teams work together to produce reliable engineered solutions and serves clients by offering design review and construction supervision services.

Clients are mainly engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors undertaking work in power plants and substation projects.

3D models and system piping

EGYPTROL issues piping specifications, plot plans, 3D model for a power project through plant 3D and plant design management systems (PDMS).

The company also provides system piping isometrics and shop drawings, bill of quantities (BOQs) and stress analysis through CAESAR II.

Mechanical systems detailed design

EGYPTROL provides systems and equipment sizing, specification, calculations, piping and instrumentation diagram / drawings (P&IDs), hydraulic calculations utilising Pipe Flow Expert, BOQs, mechanical lists (line, valve, instrument and specialty).

EGYPTROL utilises MEP Revit, HAP, Elite and 2D AutoCAD in performing mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems design.

Electrical and I&C systems

EGYPTROL issues single and three line diagrams (SLD and 3LD), power system analysis through ETAP, relay setting calculations, voltage drop calc., and raceway design, in addition to lighting calculations using DIALux, fire alarm, CCTV and sound systems, make-to-order (MTO), specs and electrical systems design review.

EGYPTROL produces input / output (I / O) lists and instruments lists, functional block diagrams, logic diagrams, instrument hook-up details, instrument data sheets, level setting diagrams, and final BOQs.

Civil and structure systems detailed design

We provide foundation design for rotary and static equipment, concrete and steel design for superstructures, concrete design for water structures.

The company offers structure 3D modeling using plant 3D, structural analysis using STAAD Pro and SAP structural detailing using TEKLA, BOQs and relevent specifications.

Substation and power transformers testing

EGYPTROL performs testing and commissioning services for up to 500KV gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and air insulates switchgear (AIS) substations; it tests CBs (function, timing, contact resistance, contact travel distance, etc).

The company also tests and commissions power transformer up to 500MVA and 500kV (insulation resistance, turns ratio, vector group, DC winding resistance, tan delta, frequency resonance analysis, oil testing.

The following equipment is available for testing and commissioning of substation:

  • Substation Test Set (STS 5000)
  • Tan Delta (TD 5000)
  • DRTS 64
  • CBA 1000 (Circuit Breaker Analyzer and Microhmmeter)
  • BUX3000 (Current Booster)

Temperature and pressure instrument calibration

EGYPTROL has an instrument calibration lab that we mobilise to our clients site to perform calibration services. The lab includes:

  • Pressure calibrator (GE-Druck DPI-610)
  • Digital test gauge (GE-Druck DPI 104)
  • Pneumatic pressure and vacuum pump (GE-Druck PV211)
  • Hydraulic hand pump (GE-Druck PV212)
  • Pressure calibration kit (Omega DPG4000)
  • Loop calibrator (GE-Druck UPS-III)
  • Dry block temperature calibrator (GE-Druck DBC 650TC)
  • Field communicator heart emerson 375
  • Precision multifunction process calibrator (Fluke 726)
  • MEMORY HiCORDER (Hioki 8847)
  • TEMPERATURE HiTESTER (Hioki 3442) operation and maintenance (O&M) for power projects

EGYPTROL offers to operate and maintain power plant systems for clients and provides the suitable staff to opitmise plant efficiency.

Power projects staffing

EGYPTROL has a power station commissioning, operation and maintenance team that exceeds 4,000 experts.

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EGYPTROL was launched 1998 for providing electrical and control systems engineering services to foreign contracting firms operating in Egypt, utilising available Egyptian individuals' experiences.


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