WEIDMANN Customised Insulation Solutions for Renewable Power Transformers

Transformer insulation

WEIDMANN specialises in manufacturing customised solutions for high-temperature applications and cellulose based insulation systems using high-quality pulp collected from renewable resources.

Key to our product design and development is ensuring that both our own internal practices and customer transformer insulation designs provide efficient solutions.

Environmentally friendly transformer insulation solutions

WEIDMANN operates internal high-tech laboratories worldwide where our experienced staff members run research projects, focusing on state-of-the-art electrical insulation technology.

Recent developments include the Monoblock insulation material, which offers customers an environmentally friendly solution through the elimination of chemical adhesives and reduced waste.

In addition, the company maintains multiple partnerships with internationally renowned universities and industrial research institutes to continue innovating.

A broad range of knowledge about material properties, application needs, processing methods, and causes for failures allows WEIDMANN to develop the optimum solutions for enhanced transformer performance.

Transformer solutions for cellulose-based insulation applications

Power and distribution transformer manufacturers, utilities, industrial transformer users, bushing and cable manufacturers, as well as the motor and generator industry rely on WEIDMANN high-quality products and services worldwide.

WEIDMANN delivers best-fit solutions for transformers, large or small, for cellulose-based insulation applications. The firm’s solutions are suitable for high-temperature applications, such as locomotive, wind turbine, and heavily loaded transformers.

The company also provides insulation solutions for oil, special fluid or gas-filled, and dry-type transformers, as well as core or shell-type for distribution or power applications.

Finite element modelling for electric power simulation testing

WEIDMANN’s experienced technology services assist clients to solve engineering problems and enhance the performance of transformers.

The company has extensive capabilities for finite element modelling (FEM), enabling our engineers to accurately simulate windings, insulation systems, and complete transformers, as well as other electric power apparatus.

Monitoring systems for transformer assets

WEIDMANN monitoring systems provide continuous real-time information to support strategic decisions and ensure efficient operation of key transformer assets, including equipment loading, transformer condition, and maintenance management

Users can avoid time or cycle-based maintenance, and use minimal resources to perform maintenance on the units that actually need it. Benefits of WEIDMANN monitoring systems include:

  • Continual condition assessment
  • Data logging, analysis, and trending
  • Dynamic loading information
  • Pre-emptive problem detection
  • Improved maintenance
  • Deferred capital investment
  • Extend equipment life

Metal particle detection and X-ray testing for renewable power transformers

WEIDMANN ensures long-term dimensional stability and minimal thermal ageing by using high-quality cellulose from only slow-growing trees.

In addition, transformer board sheets are checked by the company’s metal particle detection system installed directly in the production line.

Modern X-ray tests are used for WEIDMANN components to verify homogeneity and to inspect internal structures and dimensions at any time during manufacture and testing.

The quality management systems of our company emphasises the importance of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Through a highly systematic and statistical approach, we ensure that current and future standards will be met.

Transformer accessories for sustainable energy generation

WEIDMANN has established strong business relationships with leading manufacturers of transformer related accessories, products and systems in the fields of controls and instrumentation. In addition the company has worked with fluid management, insulators and terminations, as well as regulation and protection specialists.

Our customers are electrical equipment manufacturers, end users / owners, and operators of electrical equipment, and non-electrical industrials.

WEIDMANN products and systems are used by power, distribution, instrument, regulator, and traction transformers, bushings and cables, motors and generators.

Our electrical switchgears are used by variety of manufacturers worldwide.

Environmental ageing simulations and laboratory services for renewable power generation

WEIDMANN offers a wide range of laboratory services, such as mechanical, chemical, optical and electrical tests, as well as various ageing tests simulating the environmental conditions of materials and components used in renewable power apparatus.

Using our state-of-the-art testing equipment, tests include performance acceptance inspection of raw material, process control, product development tests and failure analysis. Tests can be performed in accordance with the current standards for insulation materials, plastics, as well as customer specifications.

Cellulosic materials for sustainable packaging

WEIDMANN’s industrial products, ranging from board to paper, are used in a variety of renewable applications, including packaging, textile, filtration, bookbinding, paper converting, and printing.

Our expertise in cellulosic materials allows us to modify our manufacturing techniques to produce unique responses to specific requirements.

WEIDMANN’s industrial product portfolio includes unique papers, such as glassine, filter bags, and wallpaper.

Also available is a range of multi-ply continuous web presspapers, including calendar bowl, kraft, bleached, and recycled grades.

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WEIDMANN Electrical Technology, a division of the WICOR Group has entered into an agreement with FISO Technologies (FISO) whereby FISO will supply a fiber optic monitoring system designed specifically for WEIDMANN.


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Press Release

16th October 2015

WEIDMANN Electrical Technology, a division of the WICOR Group has entered into an agreement with FISO Technologies (FISO) whereby FISO will supply a fiber optic monitoring system designed specifically for WEIDMANN.

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