Senior Flexonics Stainless Steel Hose Systems and Expansion Joints for Gas and Heat

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Senior Flexonics designs and develops customised flexible hose and expansion joint systems as well as bellows for use in different applications in power generation.

The products are used in gas technology, waste heat recovery, waste to energy technology, and process heat utilisation.

Calculation methods, test facilities and approvals

Senior Flexonics provides linear and non-linear finite element and analytic calculation methods based on the European Pressure Directive PED/EC and EJMA and ASME standards. The company has in-house test facilities to measure pressures, flow-rates, loads, movements and cycles to verify, validate and optimise any design with regard to lifetime expectations.

Benefiting from our hydraulic forming method, a wide range of special corrugation profiles combined with different wall thicknesses and multi-layer and braiding layouts are available. These are tested and approved for any kind of application used in extreme operation conditions, such as high temperature, pressure and safety requirements.

Senior Flexonics solutions meet DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, DIN EN ISO 14001 standards, and many other product-specific approvals.

High-pressure hoses (HD 100/110) for gas technology

Senior Flexonics has developed sophisticated stainless steel hoses type HD 100 / 110 with special corrugation geometry and multi-ply wall and braiding concepts, pressure-tight up to 110 bar. This design combines high-pressure resistance with high-flexibility and is applied as drain hose for condensate in high-pressure service pipes and as bypass hose for temporary deviation at construction sites.

The HD 100 / 110 hose is protected by an outer vulcanized rubber coating. A special welding procedure for the high-pressure fittings is performed for safety reasons and to extend the hose’s lifespan.

Our metal hoses and expansion joints for gas technology are developed according to DIN 3384 with DVGW and TÜV approval.

Stainless steel hoses for gas and steam turbines

Senior Flexonics provides stainless steel hoses for application in gas and steam turbines. Through FE analysis we evaluate various profiles and ply-designs, which are submitted to a test programme to select the profile with the best characteristics and life-time expectations.

Flexible pipes for gas processing facilities

Thanks to its variable production process Senior specialises in customised flexible elements for the safe and durable conveyance of natural, liquid, exhaust and burning gas, as well as water and steam.

Senior Flexonics gas and exhaust pipes stand out because they can adapt to different installation spaces by means of pre-bent elements, with flow optimising profiles and individual connection options.

Metal hoses for waste heat recovery

Senior Flexonics stainless steel metal hoses can be used as flexible traced heating system for pipework, vessels and fittings, as they allow safe and reliable operation even with complicated pipe-runs across flanged connections. They also have following benefits:

  • High heat transfer due to a large surface / optimal corrugation profile
  • Extreme tight bending radius
  • Resistant against diffusion, ageing, corrosion and flame
  • Easy and quick installation

Those items are considerably more cost-effective than conventional traced heating methods with regard to outside insulation.

High-performance expansion joints for waste to energy technology

Senior Flexonics Expansion Joints can handle high-pressure and pipe stresses. To absorb angular, lateral and axial movements due to thermal expansion in piping systems, we offer multi-ply high-performance expansion joints in accordance to the customer’s piping specification. These are, for instance, installed in:

  • The steam pipe of a high-pressure reduction station
  • The cooling pipe to a steam turbine condenser

Metal hoses and expansion joints for process heat utilisation

Senior has become a strong partner for many combined heat and power plant (CHP) producers following the increasing demand in Europe for more flexibility in the local production of electricity and heat, which has been supported by public promotion.

Senior Flexonics GmbH Kassel benefits from more than 100 years of experience and expertise in the production of metallic and non-metallic flexible elements, with the highest material and quality standards for different market segments.

We are a part of the international Senior Plc Group with 5,000 employees and production sites in 13 countries, offering direct availability and local presence.

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Corrugated Hoses, Expansion Joints and Bellows for Renewable Energies

Wherever highest safety under extreme temperatures, pressures and aggressive media is of importance, or where the adherence to emission limits is required within low tolerances, products are needed that fulfill each requirement reliably and precisely.

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