Trasfor Transformers and Inductors for the Renewable Industry

Trasfor’s dry-type transformers and inductors are customisable designs with a wide range of size, weight and power ratings.

Tailor-made transformers and inductors for the renewable power industry

Trasfor offers a wide range of solutions and products with more than 50 years of solid expertise and experience to fulfil any customer requirement.

Well-known for providing clients with an extended portfolio, Trasfor’s commitment ensures a customised product option, developed to be reliable, safe and easy to install.

For both low-voltage (LV) and medium-voltage (MV) application systems, efficiency and compact sizes are crucial. Trasfor engineering experience allows the company to design transformers and inductors to fit inside existing inverter cubicles or in turbine towers, where space is a premium without forgetting that economy is of prime importance.

The in-house finite element analysis (FEA) design facility allows engineers to study complex electro-magnetic circuits and the structural and thermal performance enabling Trasfor to provide the required level of reliability in the finished product.

Transformers for photovoltaic plants

Photovoltaic (PV) plants are divided into two main groups: island plants, known as standalone; and plants connected to an existing distribution grid managed by a third party, known as grid-connect.

In the PV sector, Trasfor provides transformers and reactors for DC / AC converters and the networking of the energy produced.

Their main characteristic is the reduced no-load losses and high-efficiency, which are heavily regulated by EU directives. The main features of these power supplies are low-cost and limited losses. In this sector, the use of noble raw materials and the careful design of the windings are also important.

Finally, special devices facilitate the mass production of these products. They are mass-produced products which require quality but also special attention to cost-optimisation. Cooling systems with either forced air (AF) or forced water (WF) ensure compact dimensions, often a critical factor in the installations.

Wind power transformers and reactors

Wind power is a reliable form of renewable energy in terms of cost-efficiency. This has led to clear market interest, which has resulted in significant investments.

Trasfor has identified an important line of development in this market and provides both MV and LV transformers and reactors for this application.

Considering the nature of the power involved, the associated high-currents and the constant need to reduce weight and volume, reactors are often installed with direct and indirect water cooling systems, as well as medium-voltage step-up transformers.

About Trasfor

Trasfor area sales managers are available worldwide to assist customers with fast and efficient solutions.

Trasfor’s external offices are customer-oriented, creating long-term relationships with clients and responding promptly with immediate expert input.

The main sales offices are located in Europe (Germany, France and England), the US and Canada, South America (Colombia), and Australia.

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Trasfor SA

Strada Cantonale

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+41 58 58 84400 +41 58 58 84500 +41 58 58 84600

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