Doosan Power Systems Sustainable Energy Solutions for Power Generation

Doosan is a leading manufacturer of sustainable energy solutions, with more than a century of experience in the power generation sector.

The company uses innovative techniques and the skills and expertise of its dedicated workforce to improve the quality of life for people and communities.

Plant lifecycle products and services

Doosan incorporates a number of European power generation companies to share expertise, including

  • Doosan Babcock for core boiler technologies and nuclear asset and integrity management
  • Doosan Lentjes for circulating fluidised bed combustion, air pollution control solutions and waste to energy
  • Doosan Skoda Power for the design and manufacture of turbines

This combination of skills and experience allows the company to provide plant lifecycle products and services for traditional and renewable fuel sectors.

Doosan has industry-leading project management capabilities and offers major retrofits, conversion or life extension projects, sourcing and installing component upgrades and day-to-day plant operational support.

Flexible steam generation

The company is a leader in steam generation and invests in the latest technology to adapt to changes in the marketplace and evolving customer requirements.

Doosan has a global boiler research and development centre that provides innovative boiler and burner technologies. This centre ensures that the company manufactures products that meet customer fuel requirements.

Circulating fluidised bed technologies

Doosan is able to support customers worldwide via Doosan Lenjes’ circulating fluidised bed (CFB) technologies, which are used by both the new-build and major plant upgrades market.

The CFB technology includes high-efficiency cyclone and fluidised bed-heat exchangers (FBHE) for the combustion of a broad range of fuels.

The advantages of a CFB boiler include reliable generation for difficult fuels and affordable capital and operating costs.

Turbo-generators for power generation plants

Doosan Škoda Power’s turbo-generator technology is efficient and reliable, with Doosan’s precision engineered turbine systems providing maximum efficiency, durability and reliability.

There is a range of units available to suit different power requirements, from 20MW to 1,250MW. These provide efficient, low-cost, high-quality steam turbo-generation.

Doosan’s turbines are used worldwide in a range of industries, including manufacturing, petrochemicals, municipal waste and biomass incineration plants.

Waste to energy conversion solutions

By working with customers, Doosan is able to convert more than nine million tonnes of waste into energy every year.

The company provides chute-to-stack solutions, which combine Doosan Lentjes’ grate-fired technology and Doosan Škoda Power’s turbines.

Nuclear manufacturing solutions

Doosan has more than 50 years’ experience in nuclear manufacturing and continuously refines its manufacturing and procurement processes to the highest global standards through testing and development.

The Babcock name is associated with investment in people, facilities and tooling. For more than five decades, the company has continuously supported the development of the UK nuclear industry.

Doosan Babock provides the following services:

  • Nuclear new-builds, including concept and feasibility studies
  • Design and manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Site installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Specialist inspection technologies
  • Plant-life extension
  • Decommissioning and waste-handling services

Life-extension products to optimise plant performance

Doosan has a range of upgrade and life-extension services to optimise plant performance and deliver unparalleled reliability.

The company operates a global service that provides mechanical, engineering and technology expertise in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and non-OEM plants to customers in all energy sectors.

At the heart of this is a focus on delivering projects on time, on budget, on specification and above expectation.

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