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January 2016 Top

Issue 70
The future of US renewables after tax credits expire, how Europe can keep its leading position in ocean power, the potential of tobacco as a fuel, closing the energy investment gap, the UK as a market for small modular reactors and more.

December 2015 Top

Issue 69
China’s bid for world leadership in nuclear technology exports, a nano boost for solar power, the year in the wind industry, the commercial power potential of sludge and slurry, Kosovo’s clean coal plan and more.

November 2015 – Special Issue Top

Operations & Maintenance Special Issue
In this issue: reducing plant emissions with real-time air quality predictions, the economics of coal plant conversions, new sensing technology for crack detection, how grid monitoring needs to change with the growth of renewables, and more.

November 2015 Top

Issue 66
In this issue: a look into anti-renewables lobbying, the islands leading the way with 100% clean energy targets, the latest in the Hinklely Point C debate, Tokamak Energy’s fusion vision, how Japan’s return to nuclear will affect global LGN markets, improving the efficiency of fossil fuel plants with the help of solar power and more.

March 2015 Top

Issue 60
In this issue: Innovative energy ideas bringing electricity to communities off the grid, the future of the US nuclear industry in an era of cheap gas, progress in wireless charging, insights into the mind of the energy user and more.

January 2015 Top

Issue 58
In this issue: Boosting renewables in Europe with better grid interconnections, Ikea’s $1.5bn sustainable power plan, investigating the effect of offshore wind installations on marine wildlife, emerging players in the nuclear sector, the viability of natural gas as a bridge fuel, views on coal around the world and more.

December 2014 Top

Issue 57
In this issue: Britain’s role in developing renewable energy in Africa, China’s $16bn EV revolution, radioactive waste munching microbes, commercialising CCS with the help of CO2 enhanced oil recovery, India’s vision of 100 smart cities and more

November 2014 – Special Issue Top

Operations & Maintenance Special Issue
In this issue: Health and safety risks in offshore wind operations, assessing maintenance costs across different power sectors, new technology to deal with corrosion, mapping the UK’s nuclear waste processing system, Russia’s biggest energy installations and more.

November 2014 Top

Issue 56
In this issue: Meeting biomass sustainability rules in the UK, lessons learned from the Energetic Bear cyber attacks, underground nuclear waste storage in France and Britain, controversy over the EPA’s proposed emission rules for existing coal plants and more.

October 2014 Top

Issue 55
In this issue: the energy potential of deep ocean currents, unanswered questions surrounding the Moorside nuclear project, France’s nuclear power cap, cleaning up the air in China, the UK’s plan to balance supply and demand with market reforms and more.

August 2014 – Special Issue Top

Operations & Maintenance Special Issue
In this issue: realising the potential of offshore wind, the benefits of automation for renewable installations, how solar farms can help boost biodiversity, the safety concerns involved in extending licenses for old nuclear plants, President Obama’s war on coal and more.

August 2014 Top

Issue 53
In this issue: How GE’s Alstom acquisition will affect the gas turbine market, the potential of open water heat pump technology, a wind turbine that floats 1,000ft above ground, the MIT’s oil rig-inspired concept for floating nuclear power plants and more.

July 2014 Top

Issue 52
In this issue: Iceland’s magma-based geothermal power project, a video tour of the MAST fusion experiment, South Korea’ energy strategy, challenges of a decentralised grid in Europe and more

June 2014 Top

Issue 51
In this issue: India’s solar ambition, the case for small modular reactors, Germany’s power market, new challenges for the European power sector and more

May 2014 – Special IssueTop

Operations & Maintenance Special Issue
In this issue: In this issue: Remote monitoring for renewable sites, making tidal projects viable, the most efficient gas turbines, the cost of decommissioning Sellafield, thermodynamic modelling for fuel management and more

May 2014 Top

Issue 50
In this issue: Next-generation solar cells, the effects of wind farm development on the climate, a boost for the energy storage sector, a milestone in nuclear fusion research and more

April 2014 Top

Issue 49
In this issue: Protecting energy infrastructure from physical attacks, new ideas for energy storage, the nuclear plant monitoring drone, a new research partnership tackles the UK’s nuclear waste disposal, how Eskom fast-tracked the Kusile plant construction with the help of 3D simulation and more, and more

March 2014 Top

Issue 48
In this issue: The role of coal in the fight against climate change, East Africa’s geothermal potential, how Cariant’s synthetic natural gas catalyst helps power Audi’s cars, the world’s biggest hydropower plants, boosting the nuclear sector with new standardised reactor designs, and more

February 2014 – Special IssueTop

Operations & Maintenance Special Issue
In this issue: A smart snake robot for nuclear maintenance in hard-to-reach places, creating a strong safety culture in nuclear plant operations, how transmission upgrades can help close the energy gap, a day in the life of a wind farm site manager, the biggest gas turbine retrofit and upgrade contracts of 2013, and more.

February 2014Top

Issue 47
In this issue: The UK’s controversial nuclear deal for Hinkley Point C, advances in solar power storage, the Sahara Forest Project’s innovative approach to power generation, what new EC climate proposals could mean for shale gas, nuclear and renewables, the market for gas gensets, and more

January 2014Top

Issue 46
In this issue: How NATO is working to protect critical energy infrastructure, the world’s biggest offshore wind farms, the future of the Severn tidal barrage project, why algae power is still being overlooked despite its potential, a market forecast for small to medium-sized nuclear reactors, Russia’s floating nuclear power plants, and more

December 2013Top

Issue 45
In this issue: Improving water efficiency in fossil fuel and nuclear plants, tackling safety management and workplace risks, a new approach to managing supply and demand on Germany’s grid, extending the lifespan of marine turbines, and more.

November 2013Top

Cutting Down
Can stricter regulations and new technology help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power generation?

October 2013Top

Future Grids
From demand response to self-healing networks and energy storage: The smart grid revolution has begun


Issue 5 | July 2012
The Nuclear Issue
Between shutdowns and expansion, stress tests and new technology, nuclear power is finding its place in the future energy mix.

June 2012Top

Future Fuels
How will coal and gas fit into the future vision of a cleaner energy mix?

May 2012Top

Surf’s Up
With a host of new technologies riding the wave of innovation and investment, marine and hydro power are catching up with the major renewables.

April 2012Top

Pure Power
Energy generation is due for a major clean-up as renewable sources see increased investment and the international community continues its efforts to tackle emissions.

March 2012Top

Powerful Designs
From the blueprints for new energy-generating giants to the challenges of installation, we explore construction projects that will power our future.

February 2012Top

Sunny Prospects
With progress in technology and the market picking up, solar power looks set to enter the next phase.

January 2012Top

Powering up: BRICS
The emerging nations are rea ching for world leadership in energy generation technology

December 2011Top

Boosting Output
How operators are pushing power plants to peak efficiency.

November 2011Top

A Smart Energy Future
We find out if smart technologies are on the way to revolutionising our electric grids.

October 2011Top

Operations & Maintenance
How tools, training and technology converge to keep power plants running safely and efficiently

September 2011 Top

Fair Wind
Mature technology and growing investment are giving wind energy a competitive edge

August 2011 Top

Nuclear Revival?
The future of nuclear power in the Fukushima aftermath

July 2011 Top

Fossil Fuels
Can conventional power generation clean up enough to contribute
to a sustainable energy future?

June 2011 Top

Clean Technology
Investment, development and technology transfer – the backbone
of sustainable power generation for a cleaner future

May 2011 Top

Turbine Technology
From conventional plants to renewable sources – we look
at the technology that drives power generation

Apri 2011l Top

Building electronic networks for the future

March 2011 Top

Safety & Security
The technology that protects power plants and personnel

February 2011 Top

Trends & Leaders
A look into the future of power technology

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