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Treatments for Enviromental Protection


Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies (CWST) specialises in supplying surface treatments for the renewable energy market.

We aim to provide customers with a single source for all their surface treatment needs, enabling them to increase turnaround times, and reduce costs.

High-quality surface finishes for renewable power components

We offer a variety of surface treatments that lubricate components, protecting them from rapid wear and corrosion.

Our range of services includes controlled shot peening, laser peening, as well as independent analytical material testing services.

CWST also provides high-quality engineered anti-corrosion coating systems to suit demanding applications, including dry film lubricants, high-velocity oxygen fuel and plasma thermal spray.

In addition, we provide parylene ultra-thin conformal coatings, and organic and in-organic coatings

Superfinishing for gearbox and yaw drive pinion and gears

Our chemically assisted surface engineering (CASE) superfinishing technique addresses lubrication and pitting issues in planetary gears, increasing their performance and lifespan by reducing friction and failure from fatigue.

Controlled shot peening on its own also allows the use of lighter materials.

Anti-Corrosion treatments for rare earth magnets

CWST has developed a high-grade anti-corrosion coating with minimal coat thickness, which has proven 1,000 hours protection in the ASTM B117 salt-spray test, to address aggressive corrosion issues in rare-earth magnets.

Anti-corrosion protection for fasteners, pumps, valves, and impellors

Our Everlube® range of coating systems is ideal for both corrosion protection and dry film lubrication, which result in a tough and durable coating with a salt spray resistance of 2,500 hours for fasteners, jack screws, connectors, actuator stems and shafts, and pumps and valves.

Fatigue is a major source of failure for these components. Our controlled shot peening process replaces residual stress with beneficial compressive stress, which increases the lifespan of components.

Controlled shot peening also reduces failure from corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, cavitation, erosion, wear, and fretting.

Treatment facilities for steam turbine components

We have dedicated facilities to treat new products and repair turbine components.

We can also offer experienced on-site field teams who can be mobilised at short notice to deal with the repair of turbine components.

Our range of thermal spray processes is suited to protect components such as blades, rotors, and spacers from fluctuating and extreme service conditions.

About CWST

CWST has a close network of more than 70 facilities worldwide. Our services and processes are under continual development, and proven to increase the life and performance of critical components, enabling you to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

We are able to bring our expertise to you wherever you are based, either through our dedicated divisions or using our experienced on-site field teams.

We meet all key industry approvals such as NADCAP, ISO 9001:2008, as well as specific customer approvals and specifications.

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