Pilgrim International High-Integrity Bolting and Tensioning for the Renewables Industry

Pilgrim International is a leading engineering company that specialises in bolting and positioning systems, hydraulic bolt tensioning solutions, drive-up systems and hydraulic pump packs.

With decades of experience as a technical partner to both equipment manufacturers and end-users in various industries, we offer products and fully integrated solutions.

Pilgrim designs high-integrity and reliable fastening systems that reduce time, increase return on investment, and improve safety in the wind industry.

We have a broad technical experience of high-integrity bolting and tensioning, high-pressure hydraulic solutions and exotic material machining with documented traceability.

We serve a wide range of industries, including traditional, nuclear and renewable energy, marine, oil and gas, civil engineering, industrial diesel engines, compressors, steel and presses, mining and minerals, aerospace, construction, bulk handling, defence and transport.

Tensioning systems for the renewables industry

Pilgrim’s HYDROCAM® hydraulic bolt tensioners are designed to axially stretch a bolt or a stud to create a high-integrity fixing that can be quickly coupled and de-coupled when required and without causing damage.

Tensioners are designed to be removed after use. In some cases, they can be incorporated into the nut design. High-integrity results in high-performance normally measured in retained residual load in line with predetermined performance requirements, which ensures the design of the connection.

HYDROCAM® hydraulic tensioners can be operated as a single tool or incorporated into a multi-tensioner for homogeneous tightening for yaw bearing, casing or foundations of the tower.

Pumps for the renewables industry

Pilgrim offers a range of high-quality hydraulic power packs that can be quickly and safely installed and removed.

Our range includes air and electric-operated hydraulic pumps, as well as the necessary piping and hydraulic fittings to ensure a smooth operation.

Training, supervision and installation for the renewables industry

To support our products and solutions, we provide extensive services, including pre-scheduled maintenance training, site supervision and installation, on-site machining, spare parts, training kits, refurbishment and design studies that incorporate finite element analysis (FEA) and support documentation.

Drive-up systems for renewable power applications

Pilgrim’s hydraulic nuts and jacks have a wide range of applications, including positioning and fixing a propeller onto a driveline of a marine vessel, locating a roller, bearing up a tapered journal and tensioning the columns of a press in steel forging process.

Featuring a high-pressure sealing system, Pilgrim’s Ringjack hydraulic nut facilitates a smooth assembly. The compact Ringjack design is suitable for mounting onto the bearing journal to provide axial movements for final positioning.

Bolting and positioning systems

Pilgrim develops reusable and easy-to-install high-integrity bolting solutions that eliminate costs associated with coupling re-machining and replacement bolts.

The method of installation, material, clearance and the possibility of vibration can contribute to the client experiencing stuck bolts during the installation or removal process and high-speed coupling applications. Removing stuck conventional bolts often involves time-consuming methods, which causes delays in the outage critical path.

Pilgrim’s Radial Fit Bolts include tapered sleeves that expand to fill the bolt-hole space. The hydraulic system applies tension to the bolts and based upon the principle of mating tapers, the relative motion of the tapers creates a sleeve expansion until there is radial contact over the length of the sleeve in the coupling hole, creating a truly fitted bolt. The bolts are reusable and incorporate lightweight air-driven hydraulic equipment for tensioning and separation or disassembly.

With a clamp bolt, the system relies on friction only to drive torque requirements. The Radial Fit Bolt transmits torque through the bolt body, using its strength and the friction force created by the axial load. Most of the torque is carried through shear. The Radial Fit Bolts also offer improved safety and zero coupling slippage.

Our Radial Fit Bolt is a direct retrofit solution that prepares the coupling hole the same way as standard bolts. The key difference when using our Radial Fit Bolts is that the hole preparation is not required on subsequent coupling splits.

The sleeve outside diameter of the Radial Fit Bolt is supplied oversized to enable final machining or honing at the site, following the alignment and coupling concentricity checks. Even if the coupling hole diameters vary, Radial Fit Bolt assemblies can be machined accordingly without affecting the coupling integrity.

About Pilgrim

Based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK, Pilgrim has more than 80 years of specialist experience and a highly knowledgeable and committed team.

We directly support clients across a wide range of sectors through a network of regional agents. We are also accredited to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.

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