Dellner Bubenzer Wind Turbine Yaw Brakes, Rotor Brakes, Bearings and Locks

Dellner Bubenzer produces a range of lightweight, noise-free systems for braking and gliding processes in wind turbines.

The company has developed a comprehensive range of brakes and sliding bearings with a focus on reducing noise in wind energy projects. Its products set standards for the industry and are used worldwide by leading wind power manufacturers.

Active yaw brake calipers for wind turbines

Yaw brakes hold rotating nacelles in place once rotors turn to face the wind’s direction.

Our hydraulic active brake calipers feature special epoxy resin pads and drain ports for added safety and to prevent oil from leaking onto the brake disc.

The robust, high-performance brakes can withstand temperatures ranging from -40oC to 60oC with braking force up to 542kN.

Passive yaw sliding bearings for optimised wind turbine performance

Featuring a robust yet simple design, Dellner Bubenzer’s passive yaw sliding bearings optimise performance throughout a turbine’s lifecycle.

These passive bearings require little maintenance and are reliable, meaning less downtime and outages.

Additional brake discs are not needed as brake torque is applied continuously and the system slides on the yaw bearing. It operates at temperatures between -40oC to 70oC, and brake torque is dependent on surface pressure and friction, so variations can be built in during the design process.

The JHS-XBP-1X80 weighs 16kg with a 175kN brake force. If more power is required, the 200kg JHS-XBP-3X65 combines three bearings to deliver a combined braking force of 525kN.

Active rotor brakes for the renewables sector

Hydraulically applied brakes are used for slowing, stopping and holding turbine rotors at -40oC to 60oC. They can be used to carry out emergency stops and feature a small air gap between the brake pad and disc to ensure fast response times. For additional safety, brakes feature drain ports to prevent oil leakages.

The JHS-RBA-300-75 is particularly robust and designed to work in damp, dusty and corrosive environments. It features sintered brake pads for high-speed torque braking, floating axles and a large brake pad area for lower brake disc temperatures and extended pad life. The brake is easy to install and maintain with very few moving parts, as well as easily removable pads and holders.

For applications with a high duty cycle, we also offer SFRA active caliper brakes with sintered linings, horizontal compensation of +/- 5mm and support for direct gearbox mounting.

Rotor locks for safe and efficient turbine maintenance

Hydraulic rotor locks keep turbine hubs still to enable safe maintenance. A bolt extends and engages the rotor lock disc. It is then monitored, and a corresponding signal is transferred to the turbine control system.

We offer three different sizes of rotor lock, such as the GL-certified JHS-R240, which delivers up to 250 bar brake pressure with an activation time of 35 seconds.

Flexible disc couplings – maintenance free, no lubrication

Dellner Bubenzer’s JHS WTC flexible disc couplings are tailor-made for wind turbines, to be mounted between the gearbox and generator. It has an integrated torque limiter, brake disc and electrical insulation using GFRP tube material, offering high torque capacity, high deflection value compensation (axial, angular, radial) and high rotary rigidity. It is maintenance free, with no lubrication needed,

New build, refurbishment, spares and hydraulic units

We provide complete overhaul and refurbishment for your brakes and braking systems, as well as fast delivery of a range of industry-standard, interchangeable spares and replacement parts for all wind turbines, including brake pads, seals, hydraulic filters and screws. Our overall aim is to keep downtime to a minimum and have you back up and running as quickly as possible, through your dedicated Dellner Bubenzer contact.

Dellner Bubenzer also offers a range of service tools that make it easier for your technicians to install, remove or retrofit passive and active azimuth systems.

Our hydraulic units deliver a constant pressure of up to 250 bar, with up to 300 bar available on request. They are able to withstand temperatures from -20oC to 40oC and have IP 54-class protection.

About Dellner Bubenzer

Dellner Bubenzer is a leading power transmission solutions manufacturer for wind applications. Our technologically advanced products, components and systems are deployed on wind farms worldwide, on land and offshore.

Our wind division is based in Germany with operations in China, India and the US. We also offer after-sales support from our operations in Sweden and Finland.

Dellner Bubenzer also incorporates Dellner Hydratech, with manufacturing facilities in Denmark, the Czech Republic, India, the US and China offering an extended product range for wind turbines.

GL-type certification demonstrates high performance and safety in accordance with stringent international standards and systems.

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Press Release

Dellner Companies Join Together as Dellner Bubenzer

Five Dellner Group companies have come together to operate as one company under a single new brand, Dellner Bubenzer.

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By approaching customers with a full-service mentality, Dellner Brakes works to supply the industry with a range of lightweight, noise-free systems for breaking and gliding processes in wind turbines.

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30th November 2021

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Five Dellner Group companies have come together to operate as one company under a single new brand, Dellner Bubenzer.

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4th December 2020

In a recent interview with Kenneth Carter, editor of US-based Wind Systems Magazine, Dellner Brakes’ CEO Marcus Aberg talked about the company’s noise-free systems for braking and gliding processes in wind turbines, its full-service, partnership-based business approach and plans for the future.

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We’re delighted to share this interview between Kenneth Carter, Editor of Wind Systems Magazine, and Dellner Brakes’ CEO Marcus Aberg.

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The new Dellner Bubenzer Group is launching its combined product range to the wind energy market at the AWEA Windpower Expo in Houston, Texas, US, taking place from 20-23 May.

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16th May 2019

Sweden’s Dellner Brakes, Germany’s Pintsch Bubenzer GmbH, and Italy’s Rima Srl have come together to form the Dellner Bubenzer Group, securing a leading position as a customer-oriented, global supplier of braking products for the wind and renewable energy sector.

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Sweden’s Dellner Brakes will be attending the China WindPower 2018 event for the first time this year, following the company’s recent acquisition of the JHS group of companies, including JHS Wind Power Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd.

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20th September 2018

JHS is attending WindEnergy Hamburg on 25-28 September for the first time under the Dellner Brakes brand, following the recent procurement of JHS Jungblut by Sweden’s Dellner Brakes.

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10th September 2018

Dellner Brakes has acquired JHS Jungblut to optimise the company’s presence in the wind energy market and worldwide.

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