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Whether it’s far out to sea or deep beneath the ground, there are obvious benefits of secured bolted connections that do not require frequent retightening.

With 30 years’ experience in the field, the Nord-Lock Group is a leading international bolting technology solutions provider and innovator. Nord-Lock products can be found in countless applications, including wind turbines, solar panels, steam-powered generators, hydroelectric valves, irradiated areas and many others.

We can cover any bolt size between M3 and M1450, with applications running at -270°C and 700°C. We have applications in space and we are at home in deep-sea exploration. No matter the bolting challenge, Nord-Lock has done it before.

Our production system follows the LEAN standard and includes rigorous internal testing and full traceability. We are able to meet your needs quickly and according to the highest standards: our certifications and independent approvals include AbP, ABS, DIBt, DNV and TÜV. With production sites in Sweden, Switzerland and the US, and technical centres across three continents, Nord-Lock’s 400 employees serve markets worldwide.

From wedge-locking products, to X-series washers, to Superbolt™ multi-jackbolt tensioners and expansion bolting, Nord-Lock products are proven and certified by the most demanding standards and organisations, making us your trusted global partner in bolt optimisation.

Nord-Lock original washers

Nord-Lock washers secure bolted joints with tension instead of friction. The system is comprised of a pair of washers that has cams on one side and radial teeth on the opposite side. Since the cam angle ‘α’ is greater than the thread pitch ‘β’ a wedge effect is created by the cams, preventing the bolt from rotating loose.

The Nord-Lock washers do not require retightening, are quick and easy to assemble / disassemble, have high corrosion resistance and can be reused.

Wedge-locking X-series washers

The X-series is the next generation of washers that combines unmatched wedge-locking protection against spontaneous bolt loosening with an elastic reserve to compensate for the loss of preload due to settlement and relaxation. This multifunctional solution is ideal for applications that incorporate painted surfaces, soft metals, composites, multiple clamped parts, gasketed joints and short clamp lengths.

Combi bolts with integrated washers

The Nord-Lock combi bolt is a bolt with an integrated pair of Nord-Lock washers. The solution ensures faster installation thanks to pre-assembled and pre-lubricated parts, and allows easier maintenance and repair in either difficult surroundings or areas of limited access.

Nut or bolt style multi-jackbolt tensioners

For tightening larger size nuts and bolts, Nord-Lock provides Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs). This solution is designed to break the torque requirement down by utilising a series of jackbolts threaded through the body of a round tensioner. Tightening the jackbolts enables the user to generate the needed clamping load while using only hand or air tools for installation and removal.

MJTs have been proven and established as a preferred solution for bolting in every major industry, all over the world.

With the Superbolt technology your joints can be tightened with high accuracy without requiring specialist skills or heavy tooling. MJTs ensure a profitable lifecycle cost by improving the bolt design for OEM manufacturers, ensuring reliable operation and by facilitating maintenance procedures.

Expansion bolting

Utilising Superbolt technology, Nord-Lock is able to offer tremendous radial expansion and joint clamping power in one bolting system. The expansion bolts replace traditional interference or force fit bolts. Radial expansion is critical for rotating couplings or alignment systems that require the bolts to be able to transfer forces in shear. We offer expansion bolts for through hole and blind hole applications.

Superior bolting solutions from Nord-Lock Group

Deciding on and investing in the right equipment from the outset can prove to be thousand times of times cheaper over the lifecycle of a product.

Nord-Lock’s customers not only get a superior bolting solution, they also get access to a unique technical support service that increases the value of each unit purchased. By choosing Nord-Lock, not only do you save time looking for all the information you need, but you also save money on going to external institutes for testing, or hiring extra design engineers to provide the correct values.

We offer real value from the design to the operation and maintenance phases of your equipment. We have in-house R&D and project engineering, and our global teams are able to provide in-depth education and support, according to your needs. Our aim is to add value throughout a project and ensure that your bolting application will pay back multiple times.

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