Renewable Hydrocarbons Limited Cost-Effective Power Storage Solutions for Renewable Energy Facilities

Renewable Hydrocarbons Limited (RHL) designs renewable energy solutions, which incorporate an energy storage capability to deliver power generation on-demand.

Reducing the cost of offshore windfarms

The offshore wind industry has successfully reduced the unit cost of electricity from offshore windfarms by developing turbines with increased outputs of 7MW-8MW. To build on this success, RHL has developed a solution that can deliver further reductions in the unit cost of electricity.

RHL’s offshore platform design can be used as the foundation for both the wind turbine and the electrical sub-station. This design is able to self-install, self-level, and self-pile and has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office. These capabilities mean that there is no requirement for high-cost installation vessels and this can considerably reduce costs.

Adopting this approach will allow the execution of an alternative development plan. This plan would require the electrical sub-station and grid connection to be completed prior to the installation of individual wind turbines.

Each wind turbine is then connected to the electrical sub-station to allow immediate power generation. This approach enables a significant reduction in borrowing requirements and a higher rate of return from the project.

Alternative mobile rigs for windfarm operations support

RHL has developed a low-cost, mobile rig, which remains on location throughout the life of the windfarm and can support the installation, operation, and abandonment. This further improves project finances by reducing installation and operational costs by allowing component failures to be addressed quickly.

The adoption of this approach further reduces capital expenditure and minimises revenue losses caused by component failure.

Integrated energy storage system for offshore renewables

Sources of renewable energy are steadily increasing their share of worldwide power generation capacity. However, a key issue for power users is that renewable energy is intermittent and can be unpredictable.

This means that energy storage capability and secondary power generation are required to support renewable sources, but this incurs additional costs, resulting in higher prices for consumers.

RHL has developed an integrated storage system that captures energy from solar, tidal, wave, and wind sources, and stores this to allow power generation on-demand.

In addition, RHL’s technology can be used to deploy an energy storage system within an offshore windfarm. This is achieved by building a storage tank within or adjacent to the windfarm using RHL’s Seawall technology.

The system stores considerably more energy than current battery solutions, providing the opportunity to store power when prices are low and produce electricity when they are high.

About RHL

RHL has more than 40 years’ experience in the design, fabrication, installation, operation, and abandonment of offshore installations and is also supported by a number of technical advisers with knowledge in electrical, CCI, mechanical, process, and safety engineering.

The company has been granted three patents by the European Patent Office (EPO) and has applied for a fourth, which is currently undergoing review by the EPO. These four patents support RHL’s integrated energy storage system and the technical innovations in the renewable energy sector outlined above.

RHL also provides consultancy support for the development of studies into capital and operational expenditure reduction for existing windfarms.

If you would like more information about RHL’s capabilities, please use the enquiry form below to contact us.

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Renewable Hydrocarbons Limited

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