Fdueg Electromechanical Solutions, Transformers and Reactors

Fdueg specialises in electromechanical solutions and medium and low voltage transformers and reactors.

The company has more than 20 years’ experience and invests in the research, design and manufacture of transformers and reactors.

Customised transformers and reactors

Fdueg customises products according to the needs of customers and partners. The company establishes close working relationships with clients to find the correct solution.

Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, high technical competence in all phases of design and the training of staff, Fdueg produces technologically advanced devices. These are highly efficient throughout their lifecycle.

Fdueg’s products maximise energy production, encouraging higher revenues for the system owner.

Conversion systems for solar applications

Fdueg’s range for renewable energy sources is divided into a range of areas, with one being solar.

The company manufactures solutions that are resistant to overload and harmonic distortions in solar applications. They include:

  • Full-load efficiency in relation to the power plant, with particular attention on no-load losses so performance in moments of no-direct sun exposure is not reduced
  • Possibility of running wit windings, powered from multiple inverters, simultaneously in a direct manner

Transformers for windpower applications

Fdueg’s devices for wind power applications are built around the type of load. During the design phase, some important variables must be taken into account such as the harmonic content caused by the power through the inverter.

The company’s solutions produce very low losses, maximising performance and energy efficiency, and do not require constant maintenance.

Hydroelectric, electromechanical solutions

Fdueg’s products for water generation plants are designed according to a range of specific factors, from the supply voltage to the climatic conditions.

When creating a customer-specific solution, the company considers the following:

  • Operating conditions: in hydroelectric plants, the atmosphere is very humid and these sites are in remote locations with particular environmental conditions. Fdueg studies the installation site to find the best solution for the plant
  • Electric size: the correct dimensioning of the electrical device is of particular importance as it is closely related to the size of the generating unit to which it should be connected
  • Type of cooling: Fdueg offers different types of cooling for different applications depending on the operating conditions
  • Customisation: Fdueg focuses on the specific requirements of the customer

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Via Torino 33

Carpignano Sesia (NO)




+39 0321 824131 +39 0321 824222 www.fdueg.com

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Via Torino 33

Carpignano Sesia (NO)




+39 0321 824131 +39 0321 824222 www.fdueg.com

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