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NHE lead for renewables

National Heat Exchange (NHE) provides a comprehensive range of condenser and heat exchanger services, including those often found in renewable energy plants.

These comprise of thrust-bearing and generator air coolers, as well as spiral, plate and frame, welded bloc and lube oil coolers.

Speciality heat exchanger service for the renewables sector

NHE is equipped to service any type of heat exchanger, including plate and frame, spiral, welded bloc and thrust-bearing.

The company has direct access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and non-OEM replacement parts, including gaskets and plates, for all major producers.

After testing, the NHE team will determine the best course of action to restore any heat exchanger to maximum performance with minimal downtime.

Tube ID cleaning services

NHE offers a range of services to ensure optimal heat transfer, including high-pressure lancing, drills and hones, rotary brushes and the ExactID Darts system. The company also performs preliminary testing in order to determine the best course of action for maximum efficiency.

NHE’s ExactID Darts are available in eight patented designs, matching any type of fouling and any type of tubing. The system is bespoke machined in the company’s Ohio facility for a precise fit, giving complete ID coverage and effectively removing any fouling, from soft to stubborn deposits and obstructions.

Professional grade tube cleaning kit for exchanger tubes

NHE provides professional grade tube cleaning equipment to anywhere in the world. The company’s products include the NHE Port-A-Pump system, the patented ExactID Darts and the RBM-4 (Rotating Brush Machine).

Available in diesel or electrically powered motors, the Port-A-Pump system, combined with the ExactID Darts solutions, provides a high level of clean in a fully portable system. NHE’s RBM-4 comes equipped with all accessories required to perform preventative maintenance regularly such as foot pedal operation, a flexible shaft, a lubrication kit and either nylon or steel brushes.

Enclosed mobile bundle cleaner for heat exchangers

NHE was established to introduce a newly patented technology to clean the shell-side of coolers and heat exchangers, restoring and surpassing their peak efficiency. This new procedure utilises a totally enclosed mobile bundle cleaner (EMBC).

Tube nests are positioned inside the unit, where they are rotated and fully sprayed with 1,500gal/min of cleaner, matched to fouling and heated to peak cleaning temperature.

There is no chance of splatter, overspray or runoff within the enclosed, kidney loop filtration system, and zero liquid waste.

Safer than traditional high-pressure blasters, the NHE EMBC process will restore the exchanger to 98% efficiency.

Re-tubing and re-manufacturing services for heat exchangers

NHE provides full and partial re-tube, or single tube replacement on all types of heat exchangers.

If tube testing results find excess pitting, advanced wall loss, or leaks that prohibit reinstallation, NHE can quickly return a heat exchanger to service. OEM replacement is costly and may extend the length of outage.

With NHE’s large inventory and specialised techniques, clients can save time and money by choosing re-tubing or re-manufacturing.

The company’s experienced technicians clean and hydro-test all refurbished units, ensuring reliability and efficiency. All units are built according to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) specifications, with material documentation included.

Speciality epoxy coatings

NHE implements a unique cladding system, distinguished by its thick film characteristics (200ml DFT) of high-quality, 100% solid epoxy materials, which provides a high level of protection.

The epoxy coating re-establishes tube-to-tube sheet integrity, repairs, prevents wear and tear, and adds years of service life. Resilient and flexible where needed, epoxy coating is resilient to impact damage and inactive to chemical and water treatments.

Fin fan foam cleaning for optimal exchanger cooling efficiency

Designed to chemically remove accumulations and organic and inorganic deposits, NHE’s patented foaming system will minimise downtime and renovate cooling efficiency.

Heavy foam is applied in order gently remove deposits, as it dissolves and reduces chemical requirements.

Pre-cleaning and refurbishment testing services for heat exchangers

NHE’s highly trained technicians have a variety of testing procedures available to them for use before, during and after services are performed. Testing assists in determining the best course of action for cleaning or refurbishing an exchanger, and ensures performance and reliability after the work is done.

The company performs a wide range of pre-sale and post-sale testing procedures, including bubble, dye penetrant, eddy current, hydro, static air pressure and vacuum.

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The fouling and maintenance of heat exchangers contribute to long-term reliability and overall cost reduction.

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