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LumaSense Technologies, founded in 2005, focuses on reducing inefficiency and preventable waste across the global energy, industrial materials and advanced technologies markets.

The company’s solutions provide sustainable improvements in process efficiency and waste reduction.

Sensing solutions for industrial markets

For resource-intensive industries, LumaSense has developed LS6 Systems, which removed the need for an overhaul of customer plants and processes.

LumaSense has a vast portfolio of temperature and gas sensing solutions, which can be used for both common and uncommon sensing applications, including steel manufacturing, which consists of high temperature manufacturing steps that use significant amounts of energy.

In addition, in the glass industry, the company’s solutions measure temperatures of transparent and non-transparent objects.

Process monitoring and temperature measurement

LumaSense has extensive experience in temperature measurement solutions. The company’s products are used for process monitoring in steel and gas manufacturing.

The company’s Mikron thermal imagers and Impac pyrometers are used to monitor critical parameters for productivity and product quality throughout the manufacturing process. It uses cutting-edge technology and is easy to use.

Gas and temperature sensing solutions

LumaSense manufactures gas and temperature sensing solutions

LumaSense supports advanced technology initiatives with a strong portfolio of gas and temperature sensing solutions.

The company’s products are used in several applications for solar, semiconductor and LED production.

Temperature measurement in the solar industry

Temperature measurement is an important element in the solar industry, helping to improve process control and optimisation.

Producers of solar cells are trying to reduce the cost of solar energy so it matches that of traditional energy sources.

Reducing costs through producing an increased number of units and improved performance is considered to be a necessary requirement for this.

LumaSense’s temperature process control solutions are also used in the semiconductor industry.

Monitoring solutions for harmful gases

LumaSense’s solutions are used to monitor harmful and dangerous gases. The sensitivity of the company’s detection techniques, gas modules and instruments are extremely beneficial in human safety and environmental conditions.

Automotive emission testing

Tail pipe testing of automotive emission offers another level of diagnostics and verifies if a specific repair action was correct and whether engine fumes do not exceed a certain tolerance level.

LumaSense’s solutions include the ANDROS high-performance OEM gas analysers for vehicle diagnostics and inspection programmes, which is based on NDIR technology and meet the highest requirements.

Temperature sensors in medical research environments

LUXTRON is LumaSense’s fibre optic temperature sensor solution, producing accurate measurements. It is non-metallic and is used by researchers in numerous applications and procedures.

The company’s unique Fluoroptic® Technology is a stable, highly accurate solution, suitable for the demanding environments often found in the medical research industry.

Measurement solutions for anaesthetic agents in operating rooms

LumaSense’s Photoacoustic Gas Monitor – INNOVA 1412i is used to measure anaesthetic agents that produce general anaesthesia when breathed.

It is easy to operate and can measure up to five gases at a time, including anesthetic agents of interest and CO2.

Landfill methane measurement

The company’s ANDROS 6511 NDIR measures the concentrations of methane from landfill sites. It helps to identify system leaks, up to 100% methane concentrations for combustion control.

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