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Sustainable and Recyclable Fabric Structures

Legacy Building Solutions manufactures sustainable fabric structures for a variety of industries and has installations worldwide.

With modern tension fabric structures on a rigid steel frame, there are a range of sustainable properties of fabric buildings, including natural lighting.

Sustainable fabric structures for harsh environments

Fabric is a non-corrosive building material and will last longer than steel when used in a harsh environment or when storing corrosive materials such as fertiliser.

The hot-dip galvanised steel frame is coated with zinc to resist rust. Adding a fabric liner keeps the corrosive elements completely out of contact with the steel, meaning there is no way for fabric cladding to rust. This adds years to the useful life of the building.

Architectural fabric with translucent properties

All architectural fabric has some degree of translucency, allowing sunlight to stream in through the walls and ceilings.

On a sunny day, there is typically enough daylight to work inside the building without artificial lighting and at night and on cloudy days the lighting is multiplied by the fabric cladding.

Relying on sunlight or daylighting saves money and reduces the amount of energy consumed by the building. Daylighting also creates a natural-feeling environment and a pleasant space for people and animals.

Recyclable fabric building materials

Polyethylene (PE) fabric is considered a low-emitting building material, resulting in better air quality inside the structure. In most cases, PE cladding is recyclable.

There are no other materials used in PE cladding, so there is nothing to separate before recycling. The steel used for the structure of the fabric structure is, on average, 89.5% recycled content.

Fabric for temperature management

Fabric naturally has a high solar reflectance and architectural fabric naturally reflects sunlight and heat away from the building, reducing the roof temperature. It also has a high thermal emittance.

A high solar reflectance and thermal emittance combine to keep the building 28°C to 33°C cooler during warm weather.

Unlike building materials such as steel, fabric is naturally non-conductive. Instead of magnifying the outside temperature, fabric membranes hold the inside temperature. This means that the building is more than 10°C warmer on many winter days and almost 20 °C cooler on most hot days, even before adding insulation and climate control systems.

Environmentally friendly fabric buildings

Fabric structures are available in a variety of colours, with white the most popular option. These are naturally cooler than other roofs.

Fabric buildings have numerous sustainability benefits and are a simple way to 'go green'.

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