Güntner Cooling Equipment for Renewable Energy Plants

Güntner has many years of experience in manufacturing heat exchanging components designed for use in the renewable energy sector. We are an innovative company able to fulfill all requirements of an expanding power industry.

We are experienced consultants with a holistic technical know-how, high manufacturing capacities in our production plants, prompt delivery times and an extensive spare parts service, which make us a reliable partner.

Heat exchangers for renewable energy optimisation

In recent years, it has become apparent that renewable energy will play a much greater important role in future power supplies. It is not just about the most environmentally friendly energy production, it is also about cost-effective use of the plants’ components. With specially developed control components, Güntner heat exchangers are energy-optimised units.

Complete biogas combustion engines

The bioenergy sector is booming, with renewable energies more than simply the key to sustainable climate protection on our planet. Biogas combustion engines are mostly installed in space-saving containers and delivered as complete systems. Güntner manufactures heat exchangers that are compact, modular and are as high-performance as possible.

Bare coils (fin-and-tube coils, air cooled)

Our customers receive heat exchangers that are adapted to meet the specifications of their application. The units can be flexibly integrated into the refrigerating plant and are delivered completely mounted.

To adapt the unit to meet the exact requirements of a specific application, we offer a wide range of options regarding fluids, forms of the fins, tube types, numerous combinations of materials and, of course, individual dimensions.

Fin fan coolers

With more than 80 years’ experience, complex projects are what we do best. Our products are tailored to meet exact specifications.

Examples of exact demands we can meet include providing a fixed material combination, resolving footprint and sound requirements issues, or using a particular varnish colour for a better integration into the architectural design.

If it is fluid coolers in dry or flooded operation, dry coolers, multi-circuit coils, condensers or hybrid coolers, Güntner has the necessary equipment. This is in addition to areas that are becoming increasingly popular such as evaporative cooling, adiabatic cooling and hybrid cooling.

Our fin fan coolers have an impressive capacity range and are available in a wide variety of bespoke solutions, from flatbed condensers to double-coil V-form drycoolers.

Durable plate heat exchangers

The company Thermowave, renowned for its plate heat exchangers, is an integral part of the Güntner Group. Offering gasketed plate heat exchangers and laser-welded modules, the company is acclaimed for the quality and durability of their products. The heat exchangers, whether in welded or gasketed design, are highly variable in their range of dimensions and material combinations; they are individually adapted to customers’ requirements.

As the units can also be extended in future, operators can be sure of having a high investment protection; and at the same time, receiving equipment that is adapted to applications that keep evolving. Even in especially sensitive areas that call for specific hygienic requirements, Thermowave units are the optimum solution. If you need a high-pressure unit, Thermowave can offer that too, with heat exchangers up to 50bar in capacity.

About Güntner

Güntner GmbH & Co. KG, an internationally renowned manufacturer of heat exchanger components in the HVAC business, is headquartered near Munich (Germany), in the town of Fürstenfeldbruck. The company has six production sites worldwide and, with a workforce of 3,000, has a presence in all major markets. The highest quality standards and the use of state-of-the-art technology make Güntner a reliable partner for companies in a wide range of sectors, from foodstuffs to pharmaceutical and automotive industry.

Güntner, together with their sister companies Thermowave, Basetec and JAEGGI, are daughter companies of A-HEAT AG. They produce large synergy effects by interchanging know-how, forming a group of international importance in the areas of refrigeration technology, general HVAC and process engineering.

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Güntner GmbH & Co. KG

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