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27 April 2017
Latest Companies

Legacy Building Solutions - Sustainable and Recyclable Fabric Structures

Jeumont Electric - Electrical Generators and Motors for the Renewable Industry.

ERG (Air Pollution Control) - Air Pollution Control Solutions for the Renewable Industry

Stäubli Electrical Connectors - Photovoltaic Connectors and Custom Junction Boxes for Solar Power Facilities

Trasfor - Transformers and Inductors for the Renewable Industry

Press Releases

Legacy Building Solutions Completes Installation of Central Valley Storage Facility
US-based Central Valley, a retail and wholesale distributor of fertiliser based in Tamora, Nebraska, needed to replace a storage building after the original had been badly damaged by rust and wind corrosion.

Stäubli to Showcase at ACT EXPO
Stäubli will be exhibiting a variety of innovative products at the ACT EXPO in Long Beach, California, an event that addresses the latest innovations in the alternative clean transportation industry.

A vessel specific DP Operations Manual should be prepared for each DP vessel.

Heavy lifiting operations on DP – Horizontal Mooring Stiffness
Over the past years more heavy lifting operations are executed on DP, the installation of modules off shore using a dynamically positioned vessel has various advantages but also several disadvantages.

Legacy Building Solutions Top 600 Specialty Contractors List for the Third Year in a Yow
Legacy Building Solutions, a nationwide and international manufacturer of custom tension fabric structures on a rigid steel frame, has recently been ranked on the Engineering News-Record Top 600 Specialty Contractors list for the third year in a row. Legacy's 2016 ranking is 540, an increase from each of the previous two years.

White Papers

MULTILAM Technology: Unlimited Possibilities
MULTILAM are specially formed, resilient copper-alloy contact elements that are silver or gold plated depending on their application, and are float mounted in a groove....

Power Project Engineering
EGYPTROL was launched 1998 for providing electrical and control systems engineering services to foreign contracting firms operating in Egypt, utilising available Egyptian individuals' experiences....

Maritime Support Brochure
Maritime Support provides her clients with procedures for various maritime operations....

How Legacy Fabric Structures Outperform in High-Corrosive Environments
Corrosion is the deterioration of metal caused by the reaction of metal with the environment. The word 'corrode' literally means 'to gnaw to...

Legacy Fabric Smart Construction for Volatile Economies
Current economic conditions have created an urgent demand for high-quality industrial...


Future Power Technology Magazine: Clean Energy Edition
Energy generation is due for a major clean-up as renewable sources see increased investment and the international community continues its efforts to tackle emissions.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Construction Edition
From the blueprints for new energy-generating giants to the challenges of installation, we explore construction projects that will power our future.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Solar Edition
Sunny prospects: with progress in technology and the market picking up, solar power looks set to enter the next phase.

Future Power Technology Magazine: BRICS Edition
We look at the BRICS nations’ ambitious energy strategies and how they will shape the future of power generation.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Efficiency Edition
Upgrades, new technologies and advanced software: How operators are pushing power plants to peak efficiency.


Butendiek Offshore Wind Farm, North Sea
The Butendiek offshore wind farm is located approximately 32km west of the island of Sylt and 53km from the mainland, in the German North Sea.

Deriner Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) Project, Çoruh River
Deriner Dam is a double-curvature concrete arch dam built on the Çoruh River near Artvin province in the north-eastern part of Turkey. The dam feeds a 670MW underground hydroelectric power plant (HEPP).

Global Tech I Offshore Wind Farm, North Sea
The 400MW Global Tech I offshore wind farm, located approximately 140km northwest of Bremerhaven Emden, within the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the German North Sea, officially came online in September 2015.

Indian River BioEnergy Center, Vero Beach, Florida
The Indian River BioEnergy Center is an integrated bio-ethanol and power producing facility located near Vero Beach, Florida, US.

Nyngan Solar Project, New South Wales
AGL’s Nyngan Solar Project involved the development of a 102MW solar power plant, covering a solar field area of approximately 250ha, 10km west of the Nyngan township, New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

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