Trianel Erneuerbare Energien commissions two wind parks in Bavaria, Germany

Trianel Erneuerbare Energien (TEE) has commissioned two new wind parks with a total capacity of 34MW, in Bavaria, Germany.

The wind parks, Vogelherd and Creußen, are now connected to the grid.

Creußen and Vogelherd parks together are expected to produce around 81 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The generated electricity will be enough to power around 24,000 households with average annual consumption of 3,500kWh.

The electricity produced by Vogelherd farm is fed into the distribution network of Stadtwerke Bayreuth while that of Creußen to Bayernwerk.

Trianel Erneuerbare Energien managing director Markus Hakes said: “We are on a very good path to achieve our expansion goals.

“Five wind parks in the Stadtwerke portfolio with an output of 90MW are already on the grid.

“Further wind projects with more than 30MW are about to be completed and several hundred MWs are under development at Trianel.”

The 14.4MW Creußen wind park is equipped with six turbines, which were installed on agricultural areas in Creußen and Speicherersdorf communities situated in the district of Bayreuth, Germany.

Construction of the wind farm commenced in August 2016, and it took less than a year to complete.

The Vogelherd wind park is capable of generating 19.2MW of power and features eight Nordex wind turbines.

Six units of the park were installed on agricultural land in Eckersdorf municipality in Bayreuth, while the remaining two plants in the municipality of Thurnau in Kulmbach.