Transelec acquires switchyard interconnecting 100MW El Pelicano Solar Project in Chile

Transelec has acquired a switchyard that interconnects the 100MW El Pelicano Solar Project with the Integrated Central System (SIC) of Chile, from SunPower.

Called Don Héctor, the switchyard has additional capacity to accommodate interconnection for future projects in the area.

The Don Héctor switchyard is situated 6.5km from El Pelicano project, which is currently being constructed by SunPower in Chile's commune of La Higuera (Coquimbo Region).

The solar project is expected to become operational by the end of this year. Once it becomes operational, the project will supply 300 gigawatt hours per year of energy to Metro de Santiago, which is Santiago city's underground railway network.

SunPower CFO Chuck Boyton said: "SunPower foresees enhancing Chile's energy landscape with clean, reliable solar power. We're pleased that Transelec also sees the value in investing in solar."

Transelec general manager Andrés Kuhlmann said: "This purchase completes a process that we have been executing with SunPower, starting with engineering and operation of the Don Héctor Switchyard and culminating in this acquisition with an investment of US$ 17.9 million.

"It is important for Transelec to have an asset that will enable the transmission of renewable energy and also has substantial growth potential in a region that is at the forefront of solar energy generation in Chile."

At El Pelicano site, SunPower Oasis solar power plant system is under construction. It will a fully-integrated solar solution designed to be cost-effective. It will feature robotic solar panel cleaning capability that will make use of 75% less water than conventional cleaning methods.