Statkraft closes PPA with French wind farm Eole Source de la Sensée Hamelincourt

Statkraft has closed its first power purchase agreement (PPA) under the new French support mechanism for renewable energies.

The firm will buy power and capacity certificates from wind farm Eole Source de la Sensée Hamelincourt in north of France.

This 6.15MW wind farm is owned by TTR Energy, an investment fund.

Statkraft international business developer Lillian Dale said: "We are happy to have concluded our first wind PPA in France and look forward to working with TTR Energy over the next years. For us as a company, this is an important step in order to establish Statkraft in the French renewable scene.”

Dale further added: "We are very proud to contribute to the integration of intermittent renewable energy in this young and fast developing market. With our expertise and experiences as a leading PPA provider in Germany, Scandinavia and the UK we are a reliable partner for the French market players in the transition to a market based system.".

France has set ambitious targets for the development of renewable energies. As of 1 January last year, the new regime, called complément de rémunération, which is a market-based mechanism, has been replacing the existing feed-in tariff scheme.

This new regime is a contract for difference mechanism similar to the systems in Germany and the UK.

After the publication of the applicable regulation in last December, several market players have been able to conclude business under the new regime.

As per the new regime, renewable producers are obliged to sell their production on the wholesale electricity market.

Statkraft expressed confidence in being able to expand its portfolio in the near future.

Statkraft , which has a portfolio of around 13,000MW, is a leading player in market access for renewable energy throughout Europe.

Statkraft has 3,800 employees in more than 20 countries.

Image: France flag. Photo: courtesy of Statkraft.