S&C Electric partners with North Bay Hydro to deploy microgrid in energy park in Canada

S&C Electric Canada, a fully owned subsidiary of S&C Electric Company, has partnered with North Bay Hydro to deploy a microgrid at North Bay Community Energy Park in Canada.

As per the terms, S&C will be responsible to engineer, procure and contract-manage an automated microgrid that combines solar panels and other energy sources, battery energy storage and GridMaster Microgrid Control System.

Over the last decade, S&C has deployed 17 microgrids and 21 large-scale energy storage systems.

S&C Electric Canada vice president Paul McMullen said: "This project will combine renewable generation, energy storage and S&C's GridMaster Microgrid Control System to fully integrate all of the components.

"North Bay Hydro has been innovative enough to realize that they can gain benefits today while preparing the local grid, their utility, and indeed the community for the network of the future."

The North Bay Community Energy Park will consist of a solar array mounted on the city's Aquatic Centre, with the capability of operating in islanded mode separate from the main power grid.

A microgrid will enable supply of renewable power to the neighboring Memorial Gardens ice rink.

A PureWave SMS-250 Storage Management System will enable seamless management to grid disruptions besides improving resilience in storing energy so that it can be used when needed.

The Energy Park will also include a cogeneration plant that will help to power the microgrid and heat both the Aquatic Centre and Memorial Gardens.

North Bay Hydro CEO Todd Wilcox said: "This project will be for the benefit of the community: educationally, economically, and for employability.

"We will employ local tradespeople, run educational outreach programs in schools and provide power independence for the community. The project is modular; therefore, expansion will be easier as the site evolves as the needs of the community change.

"The Memorial Gardens and Aquatic Centre will be used as a refuge point in times of crisis, a priceless community benefit. This will be one of the few complexes within a 100km radius capable of keeping the lights and heat on while sheltering people if the main grid fails, for example, due to an ice storm."