8minutenergy to develop Springbok 3 solar farm in California, US

US-based solar developer 8minutenergy Renewables has received approval on a power purchase agreement (PPA) to develop the Springbok 3 Solar Farm in Kern County, California.

The agreement was signed by 8minutenergy with the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) on behalf of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), its participating member.

The latest 115 megawatt-dc (90MW-ac) project joins the company’s 105MW-ac Springbok 1 project and its 155MW-ac Springbok 2 project.

8minutenergy CEO Martin Hermann said: “We are pleased to highlight the continuation of a long-standing partnership with LADWP and SCPPA, and we are proud to be a dedicated provider of reliable, cost-effective solar energy to the people of Los Angeles.

“We are fully committed to our project’s successes and track record: our Springbok 1 and 2 farms are fully commissioned and operating. The addition of Springbok 3 is further proof of our reliable business model and partnership approach.”

Together, the three new Springbok solar facilities are set to generate enough clean, renewable energy to serve more than 152,000 Los Angeles households.

More than 600 direct and 800 indirect jobs were created in Kern County at the time of construction of the first two Springbok projects.

The new project is expected to generate an additional 250 direct and 300 indirect jobs.

LADWP Power System Engineering and Technical Services executive director Michael Webster said: “As with the Springbok 1 and 2 projects before it, developing the new Springbok 3 solar farm is another positive step toward creating a clean energy future for Los Angeles and meeting our renewable energy targets of 33% by 2020.”