Stäubli Electrical Connectors

Photovoltaic Connectors and Custom Junction Boxes for Solar Power Facilities

Catalogue for Installers MC3 and MC4

Stäubli Electrical Connectors

This brochure published by Multi-Contact details the company's extensive range of plug connectors, including male and female PV-cable couplers, male and female PV-panel receptacles, PV-Branch plugs, and sockets.

In addition, information about the variety of accessories provided by Multi Contact, including safety lock clips, sealing caps, open end spanner, socket wrench inserts, and test plugs, as well as PV-Adapters and test leads, is also offer in this free whitepaper.

Standard Cables and cable assemblies are also explored, as are assemblies developed according to customer request.

Download this free whitepaper to find out more.

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