Carbon Brushes, Brush-Holders and Slip Ring Assemblies

Mersen and Wind / Hydro Power


A world leading supplier of solutions for electrical protection, power and signal transfer, Mersen contributes to the development of renewable and greener energy sources. We provide wind turbine OEMs, generator manufacturers, wind farm operators, maintenance and repair specialists with high quality engineered solutions tailored to various operating conditions (temperature, salinity, humidity) designed and tested for reliability and optimum performance.

Our company has been working with electrical rotating machinery for more than a decade and serves as a global partner for wind turbines solutions. Customers turn to Mersen for complete solutions throughout the product life cycle (development, manufacture of materials, product design, quality control, distribution, technical expertise and training). Discover the might of Mersen: extensive knowledge, years of experience, global reach, and strong expertise in the wind power industry.

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