Customised Hydraulic Capacity Solutions


HydrauRent offers customised solutions for additional hydraulic capacity in the renewable energy industry. Additional capacity can be delivered whenever required, at any location with customised hydraulics available for rental.

HydrauRent: flexible rent of hydraulic equipment

Investing in hydraulic equipment is not always financially viable; often it is used once for a project, with many hidden costs linked to the actual purchase. Those wanting more hydraulic power at their disposal as a temporary replacement for projects or as additional capacity choose HydrauRent.

Rentable hydraulic equipment for the renewable sector

With HydauRent, you will have equipment that is always in optimum condition, wherever you need it, without having to make costly investments. In addition, maintenance and repair work will no longer be necessary with HydrauRent. Rented equipment can be installed and commissioned on location by HydrauRent's highly-qualified engineers.

The company also offers advantages after-use compared with equipment that is purchased by companies. Systems not being used must be stored, then inspected and certified at set intervals. HydrauRent will relieve you of these additional costs in one go. You can be assured of professional advice and a transparent cost overview regarding a possible rental solution because of the company's extensive know-how and experience in hydraulics.

HydrauPack: diesel and electronically-driven hydraulic powerpacks

The HydrauRent programme includes the HydrauPack, comprising diesel and electronically-driven hydraulic powerpacks in several capacities. The company developed a modular concept consisting of 10ft containers, which can house hydraulic customised modules with a generating capacity of up to 200kW.

Individual modules can be quickly and easily connected to units of up to 800kW in a 20ft container. Each unit can be customised to meet specific customer requirements. For example, a unit can house a fuel tank, a storage solution for materials or act as a working container.

Rental of filtration units for renewable power applications

HydrauRent offers rental of hydraulic filtration units for cleaning hydraulic oil, and dewatering and de-aeration systems. The latter option can be rented as an ATEX version depending on the application area, which will ensure it can be used in explosive environments.

A flushing unit can be quickly supplied for cleaning hydraulic systems under the HydrauSupport name.

The HydrauRent programme includes the HydrauTool for high-pressure hydraulic equipment, such as hand pumps and jacks in different dimensions, including related rapid couplings and nozzles.

HydrauWinch: complete hydraulic winch solutions

Hydraulic winches can now also be supplied under the HydrauWinch brand. The package includes standard hydraulic winches, full option Composite Technology (CT) and hoisting winches, which ensures a comprehensive range of available solutions.

Offshore rental equipment

HydrauRent supplies companies working offshore with rental equipment. Rigsafe units and HydrauPacks with ATEX Zone I and II certification, including DNV 2.7-1 complying frames, are available for rent. HydrauRent's equipment is designed and built for offshore conditions. Our 24/7 organisation is certified to maintain and repair the offshore equipment worldwide.

Engineering and support services for renewable energy facilities

We provide:

  • Engineering support for projects including rental equipment supply
  • Temporary solution when disasters strike
  • An Attractive alternative for costly investments
  • A one service partnership
  • Customised units and related components
  • Supply of hydraulic power up to 800kW
  • Flushing, filtration and dewatering systems
  • Extensive hydraulic rental know-how and experience

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HydrauWinch U6PF 24 March 2015 Umbilical winch for maximum six hydraulic, high-pressure umbilical connections of 1in for subsea operations. High-storage reel for umbilical with diameter of maximum 180mm. Maximum working pressure swivel is 350bar.