Dörken MKS-Systeme

Micro-layer Corrosion Protection Systems and Zinc Lamella Technology

Dörken MKS-Systeme develops and manufactures micro-layer corrosion protection systems (MCS). MCS are used everywhere, where modules and components need to be protected against corrosion and other influences. Their typical use is within the automobile, wind energy, truck construction and aerospace sectors.

Worldwide supplier of micro-layer corrosion protection systems

Although Dörken-MKS Systeme's coating systems are produced exclusively in Germany, they can be found in all key specifications of the automobile industry worldwide. The high-degree of technical knowledge of Dörken-MKS Systeme employees, supported by TechCenters in Germany, the US, Brazil, South Korea and China, serve to benefit customers coating companies, as well as tiers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As a result, tests and examinations, sample coatings and product and application training can be conducted in a practice-relevant environment.

We ensure high-quality standards through regular audits and meetings, 'Tech Days' and coater meetings to encourage interaction and exchange of information and experiences with other licensed coating companies.

Chromium and CMR-free coating solutions

Dörken-MKS Systeme is also dedicated to sustainability. Our coating systems have always been free of chromium (VI), mostly comprising a base coat and top coat. They are free from CMR substances, making them safe to process. In our company, being environmentally friendly is vital.

These factors, alongside the reliability of our products and knowledgeable employees, has made Dörken-MKS Systeme the European market leader in zinc lamella technology.

Research and development in micro-layer corrosion protection systems

Dörken-MKS Systeme places great emphasis on research and development for the production of innovative products such as the top coat Delta-Protekt VH 301.1 GZ and base coat Delta-Protekt KL 105. Our top coat product has multifunctional properties, including five-times tightening against various surfaces and loosening under high temperatures, while our base coat acts as a two-in-one system, setting new standards in the industry.

Electroplating units

In 2010, Dörken-MKS Systeme established an electroplating unit, as well as a dedicated technology centre for the purpose of series-proximate trials and tests. Our electroplating unit, the visionary green electroplating system Delta-Prozinc, is set to open the door to new parts geometries and sectors, offering a broad portfolio to customers and OEMs.

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